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an 18+ post-war marauders site set in 1989
The year is 1989, and the war between the Death Eaters, the Order, and the rest of the wizarding world has been over since january 23rd, 1988. In the year since the end of the war, tensions with werewolves are at an all-time high, and both the Order and the Death Eaters are beginning to reform to help, or destroy, the fight for creatures rights. With the world still healing from the previous war, can they avoid yet another one so soon?
our current time frame is june - july of 1989. the full moons are on jun. 19th and jul. 18th.

 Board Offline
hello everyone! unfortunately, the time has come to close priori incantatem. the site has had a great run of two years, but like all good things, it must come to an end. we want to thank everyone that has contributed to priori and made it the lovely place it was to write and make friends, we truly couldn’t have done it without you.

while the board is offline, all members are still able to login and retrieve their things, and even continue playing if they wish. if you have any trouble logging in, just contact a staff member on discord! the priori discord server will still be up for the time being.

thank you for everything, and good luck with your future roleplaying! <3
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